Travel Essentials that Men Should Pack

Every traveller cannot avoid the struggle of packing for trip away from home. There are clothes, underwear, accessories, shoes, and toiletries. A woman’s travel essentials have been talked about enough so maybe it’s about time for more blogs talking about travel essentials for men. Women’s clothing casual or formal attire like rose gold sequin dress long and necessities aren’t very much different from the men’s but still, there are few packing tips for men to take note.


Invest in a  bag and packing cubes


The first step of packing is to look for a good quality bag that can fit and protect your clothes while traveling. Some pieces of men’s clothing are made with delicate materials that need careful handling. It’s wise to buy some packing cubes to help maximize the space in your luggage and compress your clothes in a different bag protecting it from other things in your bag.

Bring a lightweight, waterproof wind jacket.

Prepare for a cold and rainy day with a jacket. Make sure it’s light so it won’t add weight risking an over excess at the airport. Some of the brands with good quality jackets you can check out are The North Face, and Columbia.


Pack the right pants.


Depends on where you’re going, you must choose whether you should pack hiking pants, dress pants, board shorts, and regular shorts. Make sure to pack only what you need during your travel so as not to overpack.


Thermal and cotton shirts are a must.


For places where it’s cooler, pack a thermal shirt as a base layer for a man’s outfit. Top it with a windproof jacket and set of kurt cobain sunglasses or fleece jacket (for temperatures below zero) and you’re good. For warmer places, cotton shirts are your best friends. It’s best to wear cotton in a tropical country like the Philippines or during the summer season in any country as it’s a breathable fabric that makes you feel cooler.


Prepare two kinds of footwear.


Always pack in a pair of flip flops and a pair of walking shoes partnered with jumpsuits for women for your girlfriend just in case. Many travellers usually like walking whenever they’re in a new country so they could see and explore more rather than just riding cabs or trains. Bonus packing tip: Wrap your footwear in shower caps to protect your clothes from being stained by the dirt on your shoe soles.

Your Coach Bag: Fake or Authentic?

There are a lot of brands in the world especially in the world of fashion. For men’s clothing and women’s clothing online stores alone, existing brands are countless to the point it sometimes get so overwhelming. One of the problems customers face when buying branded products is knowing when an item is fake or authentic. No one wants a fake, right? Many people who attempt to recreate products of high end brands are getting more creative and detailed that sometimes e get tricked to thinking it’s real.


One of the most popular brands that people love is Coach. Having a remarkable name and producers of high quality products like the spin the bottle in the market, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of fakes going around as an alternative for the real thing. Here’s a few tips to spot a fake Coach bag.


Coach Creed

In every authentic Coach bag, there is a tag on the inside which contains style number, a registration number, and information relating to the origin and information on how it was crafted. On a fake one, details are lacking. Words on the inside tag of an original bag is properly spaced with no typographical errors.


High Quality Handiwork

There is a significant reason why a Coach bag is highly priced. Maybe it has something to do with the name itself, but come on, you can’t argue that it’s very durable and stylish. Check all the little details of the Coach bag — the flawless stitching, the leather, and the fabric with the specific “C” pattern.


Excellent Materials

What is great bag if it’s not made with superb materials, right? Coach bags do not peel and crack, unlike the fake ones. Also inspect the hardware of the bag which seem to be made with authentic polished nickels. To differentiate this with a knock off, tap on it with your fingernail and you’ll know it right away.


Coach Hangtags

Coach bags have enamel hangtags  that have a smooth finish. On their leather tags, it has an embossed lettering which is typical. Another thing, the zippers flow smoothly because of its superb stitching, unlike knock offs wherein the inside cloth get caught in the zippers.


All these may help you know whether that Coach bag your friend just bought is original or fake, but if you encounter a product that looks really deceiving, don’t hesitate to contact Coach and ask them. Provide them photos and if possible, the details stated on the inside tag and they will tell you whether it’s real or fake. Same thing if you ever bought a coach brand rompers for women.